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Ensure your profits don't dwindle with our wide range of vehicle weighing equipment:

-  Weighbridge Sales

-  Weighbridge Hire

-  Surface mounted road weighbridges

-  Pit mounted road weighbridges

-  Portable weighbridges

-  Axle weighers

-  Rail weighbridges

-  Pad weighers / weighpads

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Top-quality vehicle weighing equipment sourcing and servicing based in Bishop Auckland

With 39 years of experience in vehicle weighing applications, you can rely on us to provide solutions that best fit your needs. You can also hire our services to supply, install, commission and service your weighbridge on a regular basis so that you have control on goods leaving and entering your premises. A phone call is just the first step towards earning more profits.


With a correctly calibrated weighing system you can eliminate the chances of getting a fine for being overloaded.  You can be confident you will get paid for what you send out or only pay for what you receive. Ensure your compliance with the Weights and Measures Act (UK), NAWI 2014/31/EU, ISO standards and SOLAS. Crosby Weighing Machine Services has equipment to suit all your requirements.

Get custom-made weighbridges

Whether your business requires weighbridges with standard sizes and capacities or it needs made-to-order weighbridges specific to your location or operation, we can provide.


Crosby Weighing Machine Services can do a free site inspection for you and configure the equipment in several ways. Some examples being:

-  Content standalone, weigh-only terminal

-  Standalone, weigh/print terminal with or without additional remote display(s)

-  Wired or wireless data output

-  Fully interfaced and/or pc operated terminals

-  Driver operated weighing systems

-  Remote control weighing Systems

-  Weighbridge software

At Crosby Weighing Machine Services, you will find all types of weighing solutions under one roof including retail weighing scales.

Top-quality vehicle weighing equipment sourcing and servicing in Bishop Auckland Weighbridge Buyers Guide