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Find practical and cost-effective solutions for your retail store

Whether you need a weighing scale at the front desk or out back for pre-packing operations, either as a fixed installation or for mobile use, you are sure to find products with practical designs and competitive prices at our store in Bishop Auckland.

Choosing the right scale depends on various aspects such as the quantities you wish to weigh and the location you want to place it in. For free advice, call us on

Retail weighing solutions by Crosby Weighing Machine Services

One way of growing your retail business is by instilling the confidence in your customers that they are buying accurately weighed goods at your store. For this you will need to invest in high-precision retail weighing solutions. If you don't know where to begin, our team of friendly engineers at Crosby Weighing Machine Services would be happy to help you choose a scale that suits your budget and your requirement. For quality, trade certified counter scales, talk to us!

Types of scales we stock:

  • Scoop scales

  • Multi-PLU, label printing, high resolution counter scale

  • Floor scales

  • Waterproof scales

  • Hook scales

  • Weighing indicators and bases

  • Extras

Our service areas:

Based in Bishop Auckland, our team of engineers has helped to install, calibrate and service retail weighing equipment across North East England including Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland and Middlesbrough.


Besides retail weighing solutions, you can also explore our other weighing applications to learn more.

Retail weighing solutions by Crosby Weighing Machine Services