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Weighing applications serviced by Crosby Weighing Machine Services:

  • Domestic kitchens

  • Aircraft weighing

  • Falconry

  • Fishing

  • Boat weighing

  • Baggage weighing

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Looking for durable kitchen weighing scales in Bishop Auckland?

Owning a good kitchen weighing scale and a quality oven is really all you need to make sure your food tastes divine. Besides its use in a kitchen, a weighing scale has many other applications, such as letting you double-check the weight of your suitcase when travelling.


The number of possible weighing applications is enormous and finding the right equipment at the right price isn't always easy. For free advice, contact Crosby Weighing Machine Services.

One-stop shop for all your weighing requirements

Whatever it is that you need to weigh, you can be confident to find suitable scales with Crosby Weighing Machine Services.


Already have a weighing scale that needs servicing? Hire our services for certified calibrations.

  • Weighing in explosion proof environments

  • Caravan weighing

  • Livestock weighing

  • Pet weighing

  • Money weighing

Looking for durable kitchen weighing scales in Bishop Auckland?