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Hit your weight goals with your own personal scales

Keep you and your family's health in check by monitoring various aspects of the body such their weight gain/loss, body mass index and muscle percentage using one of the wide variety of personal scales from Crosby Weighing Machine Services.

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The patient’s weight is what decides the dosage of medication or anaesthetic that a medical professional needs to administer. It is important that you use up-to-date medical weighing equipment for the patient's wellbeing.


Being a long standing supplier to NHS, BUPA and other independent care providers, you can be confident about the quality of our products and services. For more information, contact our team in Bishop Auckland.

Our clientele

  • Stand-on scales

  • Wheelchair scales

  • Chair scales

  • Hoist weighers

  • Bed weighing systems

  • Baby scales

Medical weighing equipment we can source and service for you:

Over 38 years we have sold, maintained, repaired and calibrated all manner of medical weighing equipment and personal scales in an assortment of environments from busy hospital wards to slimming and health clubs to mother and baby clinics to public weigh-houses across Bishop Auckland.


In addition to medical weighing, you can also explore our selection of vehicle weighing solutions.

High-standard medical weighing scales by Crosby Weighing Machine Services

High-standard medical weighing scales by Crosby Weighing Machine Services