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Why choose products from Crosby Weighing Machine Services?

  • Designed for high precision

  • Advanced designs with PC, printer, USB, bluetooth and wireless connectivity

  • Stocks from top manufacturers available

  • Supplies of used and reconditioned equipment

  • Expert advice on the best weighing solution to fit your needs and budget

Based in Bishop Auckland, our services are available across Middlesbrough, Carlisle and Lancaster. Give us a call for assistance with choosing the right analytical balance.

High-precision laboratory and analytical weighing scales in Bishop Auckland

Analytical balances and scales are highly sensitive and can measure every grain of chemical substance. The quantitative analysis and data they provide are extremely crucial and a small error can lead to drastic changes in results.  


At Crosby Weighing Machine Services, we understand that precision is the key. You can consult our team in Bishop Auckland to make sure you get accurate results by using the right equipment in the right environment and ensuring your process controls operate effectively.

Types of laboratory and analytical weighing scale you can buy:

  • Top loading balances

  • Analytical balances

  • Microbalances

  • Moisture balances

  • Calibration masses

  • Weighing accessories

Free, no-obligation discussion

A lot of planning and research goes into investing in the right kind of analytical balance. Our team in Bishop Auckland would be happy have a no-obligation discussion that will help you make the right decision. In addition to industrial laboratory and analytical weighing, you can also browse through our range of medical weighing equipment.

High-precision laboratory and analytical weighing scales in Bishop Auckland