Crosby Weighing Machine Services logo Looking for reliable industrial weighing scales in Bishop Auckland?

Here are few of the many industrial areas we have serviced:

  • Goods manufacturing (from microchips to industrial castings)

  • Chemical manufacturing

  • Food production and distribution

  • Waste processing, recycling and disposal

  • Mining & mineral extraction, processing & distribution

Our team of experts can help appraise your existing facilities and processes objectively and in-line with up-to-date best practice and technology. Get in touch with them at

Looking for reliable industrial weighing scales in Bishop Auckland?

Though the type and the application of scales may vary, the use of weighing scales is prevalent in almost all industries. Incorporating an industrial weighing scale that is legally certified, ensuring the accuracy in weighing and controlling the procedures, ensures reliable measurements.


When investing in an industrial weighing system, you can rely on our expert team at Crosby Weighing Machine Services to install, repair, maintain and calibrate the equipment to optimise your benefits. You can also source supplies of used and reconditioned equipment if you don't wish to buy new equipment. To learn more, contact us!

Some of the industrial weighing scales we stock:

  • Platform scale

  • Pallet weighers/scales

  • Pallet truck scales

  • Crane weighers/scales

  • Pad weighing systems

  • Bench scales

Have your industrial weighing system delivered and installed within a week!

For your convenience our team will unpack, assemble, test and (if necessary) recalibrate it before shipping it to your facility. Within a week after placing the order, your new equipment will be ready to be used and operated. Besides industrial weighing systems, you can also choose from a wide variety of laboratory and analytical weighing scales we offer.